Though the days be yet long and very warm, our most excellent Prince and Princess have taken thought for the needs of our kingdom when the winds blow chill and the leaves are no longer green.

Therefore have They issued a call for the fighters of Atlantia to meet in the Barony of Hidden Mountain that they may display their honor and their prowess in a grand tourney as they vie for the privilege of serving as Prince and Princess of this realm until such time as the Crown itself shall pass into their hands.

As you read through the tentative schedule for Crown, the information in these pages and the further tidings that shall appear after Pennsic, you may note that there are several novelties in this Crown Tourney, novelties devised by our current Prince and Princess for the entertainment of the populace and the betterment of the realm.

For one thing, They propose to highlight the martial youth of Atlantia in a Grand Youth Tourney which will allow our young fighters as well to display their prowess and honor surrounded by all the heraldic panoply that the kingdom can offer.

For another, the schedule has been arranged for the convenience of those who must travel from afar with the Crown Processional occurring at noon and the tourney itself not beginning until one of the afternoon. And for the further comfort of those staying offsite or coming only for the day, facilities for bathing and changing have been arranged so that they may be refreshed after travel or after the physical exertions of the day.

Other delights and surprises are in store, including a buffet brunch offered not merely to the combatants’ consorts but also to the populace at large so that they may fortify themselves for all the excitements and entertainments that our Royalty and Their faithful servants may devise.

We urge you all to take thought for your German garb, to carry with you your finest heraldic banners and join our beloved Cuan and Signy and the people of Hidden Mountain to bear witness to what promises to be a most historic Crown Tourney.