Spring Crown Tournament

May 7, 2022 (8 AM – 7 PM)
Hosted by the Barony of Stierbach

Our Kingdom is without Heirs. Their Royal Majesties of Atlantia have declared the holding of a Tournament of might and skill to determine who shall inherit our Kingdom should They fall. 

Therefore, have Their Royal Majesties have issued a call for the fighters of Atlantia to meet in the Barony of Stierbach; that they may display their honor and their prowess in a grand tourney as they vie for the privilege of serving as Prince and Princess of this realm until such time as the Crown itself shall pass into their hands.

Website: Event Information – Kingdom of Atlantia (sca.org)

COVID-19: We will be following all of the Kingdom of Atlantia COVID-19 Protocols, including REQUIRED pre-registration for attendance at this event. 

Reopening Atlantia – Kingdom of Atlantia (sca.org)

Fighting: Crown Tourney will be the main martial activity of the day. For full details on the tourney see the Crown Tourney section of the event website.

All youth fighters are encouraged to come forth in their best field garb and armor with all the heraldic panoply they can to do honor to their inspiration in the presence of the Crown.

Prior to the tourney there will be a formal procession of the combatants and their inspirations appropriately heralded into the lists so all may be aware of the identities of all fighters and those who inspire them. (Heralds will be provided for those who do not already have them.)

Site: Loudoun County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175. Site opens 9am, closes 8pm.

Site Restrictions: Site Restrictions: 

Limited Alcohol Permitted: Alcohol is permitted in the feast hall and in the pavilions around the list field only. No Alcohol is to be consumed in the parking areas or other buildings on this site.
      – No one is allowed to become intoxicated at this event.
      – No one under the age of 21 can consume or possess any alcoholic beverages under any circumstances.
      – The VA ABC License must and will be posted in the public view where the alcohol will be permitted.
      – All open alcohol containers must stay on the premises.

The Loudoun County Fair Grounds is a private property.  Firearms are not permitted on site, however sworn law enforcement officers are exempt from this policy.  No pets are allowed on this site; however service animals are welcome.

Arts & Sciences: TBD.

Feast: There will be NO feast at this Crown Tournament, however there will be a lunch time hospitality table offered at no cost to the populace to welcome you to the Barony of Stierbach and thank you for coming to bear witness to this historic occasion. (The Hospitality Table will only be available until it is gone).

For those with allergies (or just pure curiosity) menus and ingredient lists will be available in the Food section of the event website in the not-too-distant future.

Reservations: In accordance with Kingdom of Atlantia current COVID Policy, Attendance at this event REQUIRES Pre-Registration.  Pre-Registration can be accomplished via SCAers, or by mailed in check.  SCAers will close on 05/04/2022.  Checks mailed in must be post marked by 04/27/2022.  Checks should be mailed to the Reservationist:

Lord Dunstan Stonehill

MKA Donald Sutton

1435 Aquia Dr. Stafford 22554,

208-283-7724, Donald.e.sutton@gmail.com

SCARS Event Registrations: SCARS – Kingdom of Atlantia

Please Make Checks Payable To: SCA, INC., Barony of Stierbach

Refunds:  Refunds will be in accordance with section 6 of the Barony of Stierbach Financial Policy  (Microsoft Word – Stierbach_Financial_Policy_rev6-8.doc)


Adult, Non-Member, Event Registration: $21.00 Day-Trip
Adult, Member, Event Registration: $16.00 Day-Trip
Youth (6-17): $7.00 Day-Trip
Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip

Family Event Site Fee Registration Cap $50.00

Cost Notes:  .

Autocrat’s Information: Adelric Falke (MKA) Darrell Newman

28 West Hampton Court, Stafford, VA 22554

Phone: (910) 745-5741, E-mail: D_J_Newman@yahoo.com

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome! Please contact the Autocrat.

Requests for Field Space: All requests for field space should be sent to Baron Geoffrey Athos Von Ulm, jmu1861ATaol.COM, be sure to include 1) the name of the person of group requesting field space, 2) dimentions of your tent, and 3) if the person requesting field space is a combatant in the Crown Tournament List.


Take the best route for yourself to Loudoun County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175.  (be aware some of these roads are very narrow and winding). The event’s entrance will be marked with SCA signage